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Calendar 21-04-2005 Soaring gas prices make hydrogen cars attractive
Hydrogen Expo USA shows market-ready solutions
A revolutionary thing that went almost unnoticed happened at
the Hydrogen Expo USA technology showcase in Washington, DC: for the first
time a hydrogen-fueled vehicle was able to drive inside the exhibit hall. No
anxious fire marshal, no safety concerns on behalf of the venue. While in
the past vehicles had to have their engines cut before move-in, the Honda
FCX meant for indoor display at the leading North American hydrogen and fuel
cells exhibition was simply driven to the booth. Hydrogen vehicles have come
a long way from sci-fi-type oddities to an increasingly attractive
alternative to cars running on expensive gasoline. Seventeen hydrogen
vehicles, including a flashy BMW racing car, a golf cart and three buses,
were presented at Hydrogen Expo USA and the National Hydrogen Association's
16th Annual Conference from March 29 to April 1, 2005 at the Marriott
Wardman Park Hotel. The majority of the cars participated in a ride and
drive which gave attendees the chance to get behind the steering wheel and
see what the mobility of the future is going to be like. Manufacturers at
the ride and drive included DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, and
UTC Fuel Cells who developed the powertrain for one of the buses. "To
believe that energy prices will come down significantly in the near future
is whishful thinking", concludes Ines Freesen, Managing Director of Hydrogen
Expo USA organizer Freesen & Partner. "On the contrary, there is worse to
come, and it first hits us at the gas station. This makes hydrogen fueled
vehicles not only an environmentally-friendly alternative, which helps us to
reduce inner-city pollution and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.
These cars also become increasingly attractive from an economic standpoint."
The expo showed the whole chain from hydrogen production to the compression
or liquefaction and storage of the gas, to its distribution at hydrogen
fueling stations. Also on display were fuel cell technologies, materials and
components for the design and manufacture of the clean energy converter,
test stations and complete systems for applications in transportation, stationary energy supply and portable, grid-independent power. "As a power
source for residential and commercial heat and power alike, hydrogen fuel
cells provide a clean, safe and reliable option", adds Freesen. "And with
the price for oil and electricity exploding, this technology which used to
be brandmarked as too expensive is now on our doorsteps as a very viable
alternative." 65 international suppliers presented market-ready technologies
at Hydrogen Expo USA, which drew attendance of some 1,100 delegates.
Compared to the last Annual Conference and Expo in Washington, DC in 2003,
this means an increase in exhibitor numbers by 180 (!) percent and an
increase in attendance by 70 percent. The surge in interest in the topic and
the event can also be seen in the increase in visits on www.hydrogenexpo.com
which tripled in comparison to last year to almost 40,000 visits.
Accordingly, participants in the 2005 event were very satisfied. "Hydrogen
Expo USA remains a tremendous opportunity to network with potential
customers, partners and investors." said Ricky Gujral, CEO of Hydrogen Power
Inc., a manufacturer of hydrogen generation technology. "Both the exhibition
and the presentation forums provide a valuable showcase for our technology.
Hydrogen Power Inc. first debuted at the 2004 Hydrogen Expo and we look
forward to these annual networking opportunities to continue to demonstrate
our progress." "This event has been an excellent networking forum for us",
stated Osama Al-Qasem, Sales & Marketing Director at PDC Machines, Inc., a
hydrogen compressor technology company. "Most of Hydrogen Expo USA's
exhibitors are now our customers and buy our diaphragm compressors. We
already signed up for the expo in 2006." "Pressure Products Industries Inc.
very much appreciated the opportunity to exhibit our hydrogen compressor
technology", commented Michael Walsh, Sales Manager for Pressure Products
Industries Inc., another supplier of diaphragm compressors. "The expo was a
great way to display our working model of a diaphragm compressor. The
exhibit was well run and went very smoothly for us. The networking
receptions presented a great opportunity for exhibitors and conference
attendees to get together and have discussions in a relaxed atmosphere." The
next Hydrogen Expo USA and NHA Annual Conference will be held on March 11 to
16, 2006 in Long Beach, CA. About Hydrogen Expo:
Hydrogen Expo(TM) USA is the leading showcase for hydrogen and fuel cell
technologies in North America. It is organized by Germany-based Freesen &
Partner GmbH, a consulting and event management firm specialized in the
energy, environmental and waste recycling markets. In 2001, the company
launched H2Expo in Hamburg, the first stand-alone hydrogen and fuel cells
exhibition and conference in Europe. In the United States, Freesen & Partner
has teamed with the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) and puts together
the Hydrogen Expo USA alongside the prestigious NHA Annual Conference.

For more information visit: www.hydrogenexpo.com and www.h2expo.com Press contact:
Ines Freesen, Freesen & Partner GmbH, Schwalbennest 7a, 46519 Alpen, Germany
Tel. +49-2802-948484-0, Fax +49-2802-948484-3
Email: info@hydrogenexpo.com, Web: www.hydrogenexpo.com
Source: hydrogenexpo
Author: hydrogenexpo
E-Mail info@hydrogenexpo.com
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